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  • 01. Where can I buy Treasure Kids products?
    All our products are available on: - Amazon (USA and Canada) - Walmart Canada (USA and Canada) - Head office Terrebonne Québec Canada We offer free shipping across Canada and USA
  • 02. What ages are educational towers suitable for?
    Educational towers are suitable for children from the point at which they can stand, right up to the point at which they can reach work surface height comfortably unassisted. In our experience, a standard educational tower fits children from 12 months up to 6 years old, depending on the height of the child.
  • 03. Can I leave my children unsupervised to use their educational tower or baby gym?
    We recommend that you always supervise your child when they are using their Treasure Kids products. You should consider the level of coordination your child has developed, and ensure they are supervised closely to befit their balance and awareness.
  • 04. What materials do you use?
    All Treasure Kids products are made from wood and non-toxic materials. Our toys and furniture are sustainable and timeless gifts.
  • 05. Where can I track my delivery?
    When your product is dispatched, we automatically send a shipping confirmation which contains your tracking information on your Amazon or Walmart account. On this email, you can click onto your individual tracking number, which will take you to your tracking page on the courier's website. Here, you can choose to opt in to delivery notifications and receive delivery updates straight from the courier by email.
  • 06. Is Montessori for all children?
    Yes, the Montessori Method is an international approach to learning with no distinctions of class, intelligence, socioeconomic or cultural levels.
  • 07. Items received damaged/defective upon delivery?
    Items that arrive damaged/defective at the moment of delivery are not considered warranty claims and are instead covered by our Policy for Products received with damage or defect. You have 30 days after delivery of your item to inform us of any defect or damage. ​ Wooden toys are generally more durable than plastic toys, but they can sometimes break. Although wooden toys last many years when treated with care, our toys are not guaranteed against damage due to play and use. The advantage of wooden toys is that they can be easily repaired with carpenter's glue and then enjoyed for many years to come!
  • 08. Where is Treasure Kids based?
    We're a family-owned business from Canada, and we ship throughout Canada and the US! All our products are designed internally, in Canada, and handcrafted in partner workshops around the world. We produce various items that all require different expertise and material - from wooden furniture, to organic cotton bedding and toys made from wood.
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